Mania Lab is a versatile digital agency specializing in Virtual Events, 3D Mapping, Hologram Production, 2D/3D animations, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Our main focus is turning requests into memorable, creative and outstanding experiences.

Our Mission

Exploring new dimensions. Digital ones for sure! Our mission is to execute projects focusing on invention, art and expertise. We aim at creating valuable content using the latest trends and premium technologies.

Our passion

Shortly?! Combining art with technology. We believe that Art isn’t respected enough, that’s why it’s in the core of our work and the motive of our vision. Undiscovered ideas are still to be discovered and are seeking after them with great dedication and ambition.

Our Team

As the pillars of our agency, our team is comprised of highly talented and motivated artists with a thirst for digital inventions. At Mania Lab, challenges intrigue us and push us to perform better, reach our goal and fulfill our passion.


We put digital innovation at the core of every installation we create. Based on the needs of both the client and their audience, our team will be fully dedicated to design products destined to amaze.

Digital installation

We design high-tech installations for various fields such as trade show installations, corporate installations, retail installations and event installations.
From interactive tables to display vitrines, kinekt uses and VR applications, kiosk systems and wayfinding applications, real-time data and gesture based games; we create solutions that will have you totally immersed in a world of innovation.
Whether artistic or promotional, our digital installations will surely impact the level of engagement and create a positive buzz.

3D mapping

Name your medium and we’ll make a 3D projection on it possible! Our team has found the best solutions and ways to create jaw dropping projected animations entitled to produce a memorable experience for everyone.
The complexity of such projects won’t get in our way as our staff is trained on a high level on combining the most captivating visual effects and sounds to bring any form of object to life.

2D/3D animations

Animations are suitable for any kind of industry; education business, architecture, engineering etc. Regardless of the field your company is in, animation is an added value to your work. Our team assists you in choosing the best form of animation depending on your needs in order to grab the attention of your target audience.
Corporate presentation, educational videos, architectural walkthroughs, lyric videos, infographics… the list goes on and on but the certain common factor is that our deep understanding for motion design will have us deliver videos you will use to your advantage.

A 360 virtual event platform

VIVEX is a 3D environment designed to be an immersive and interactive experience that engages your audience, drives more business and generates revenue. Whether designed from your company replica or customized to specific needs; the platform offers live streaming and interactions with less time and expenses.

A Virtual Real-Time 3D Stage for Events

Our immersive stage platform is guaranteed to surround your audience within a digital environment that includes the best features for your presentations. Our virtual stage is a real-looking world for discussions, presentations, forums and audience interactions as well as many possibilities for an outstanding virtual experience.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Travel to another reality with VR applications tailored just for your brand. With a fully immersive 3D environment, VR can be used for several purposes: games, education, entertainment, product presentations and much more. With the power of technology, delight your audience with exciting experiences to boost their engagement and their loyalty.

Augmented Reality

AR can happen anywhere and anytime. Whether from a web-based application or a mobile application, the experience you’re about to get with AR will show new mind blowing ways of interaction with the real world. Excite your consumers with interactive visuals to catch their attention and lead them straight to engagement and purchase.
With AR, the possibilities are endless: ranging from product visualization, product placement, user manual, try-on, face recognition, marketing promotions, navigation, education, real estate and games. Take your pick!


Stage hologram? Pyramid hologram? One-sided hologram? You got it! Our team creates holograms from content creation to hardware production, making holographic technology a tool for interactivity, innovation and engagement. Whether for retail campaigns, events, exhibitions or brand activations, it’s time to wow your audience, generate attention and boost your sales.

Our Projects

Virtual MCIT 2020 End year event.

Client: MCIT.

Virtual 360 platform featuring the ministry's building from entrance to stage, with branded interactive corners.

Ideathon final ceremony.

Client: Minister of Culture.

Virtual ceremony to conclude the Ideathon, and announce the winners.

Sipha Virtual Conference Opening and Closing.

Client: SIPHA.

Virtual stage for the opening and ending the Saudi biggest Pharmaceutical virtual event SIPHA.

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